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New Mexico Medical Provider Doctors PA NP Providers Physician page.


Dr. Effie Medford, MD, Medical Director

Kathleen Kraft, FNP-BC

John Panter, PA-C

Linda Agnes, CNP

Monique Keulen-Nolet, CNP

Kathy Wolf, CNP

Douglas Calf Robe, PA-C

Erin Renee Weber, CNP, MSN

Jodi Dettman, ACNP

Dr. Sanford Yankow, M.D.

Johnelle Montoya, PA-C

Dr. Harry Burger, DO

Dr. Roger Felix, MD

Lauren Montaño, PA-C

Shawn McGee, FNP

Doug Luddington, FNP

Frosty Mayfield, PA-C

Francine Heying, FNP


Orrin McLeod, DO, Lab Director


Victoria Gonzales, Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Natalie Poyner, Office Manager

Vanessa Woodall, Assistant Office Manager

Pam Weber, BioTE Manager for Juvenation Medicine

Erika Hernandez, Assistant Office Manager



Angela Cox
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Human Resources

Theresa Romero
Theresa is located at the Cedar Crest office and can be reached by calling (505) 281-5180.