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New Mexico Medical Provider Doctors PA NP Providers Physician page.


Effie Medford, MD, Medical Director

Kathleen Kraft, FNP-BC

John Panter, PA-C

Monique Keulen-Nolet, CNP

Kathy Wolf, CNP

Jodi Dettman, ACNP

Dr. Sanford Yankow, M.D.

Dr. Harry Burger, DO

Dr. Roger Felix, MD

Lauren Montaño, PA-C

Shawn McGee, FNP

Doug Luddington, FNP

Frosty Mayfield, PA-C

Francine Heying, FNP


Victoria Gonzales, Chief Operations Officer

Natalie Poyner, Office Manager


Angela Cox
Chief Financial Officer/Human Resources

Theresa Romero
Theresa is located at the Cedar Crest office and can be reached by calling (505) 281-5180.